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Nurturing Community Tree Nurseries

ICEECO is an organization that both plant donor trees and manage community tree nurseries. Our uniqueness is contained in our brand of partnership. We go along side to create seamless partnerships which put our partner objects in first place. We work with communities, Community Forest Associations and Kenya Forest Service, to identify degraded forest lands that need reforestation. On community farms, we support farmers to plant trees for fuel wood, timber, nitrogen balance, soil improvement, fruits, fodder and general agroforestry trees.

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Promotion Of Climate Resilient Agriculture

The project is one of the small scale implementation programmes with we are undertaking with upport from the local community and donors. The overall objective of the action is to contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger among small-scale farmer families in rural communities western Kenya through sustainable management of natural resources leading to improved food security and enhanced livelihood options to enhance resilience against climate change and other disasters. 

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Advocacy Protection Of Animal Species

We train and work with the local community to use their voices and influence to protect endangered animals.

This aims at achieving an improved protection of wildlife and natural habitats; enforcement of community laws protecting wildlife and animal welfare; an end to the trade of wildlife as pets or companion animals; scientific review and assessment of reintroduction programs to promote best practices; and use of evidence-based solutions to issues threatening the wildlife of the developing world.

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Other Activities

Tree per Child Project

We're proud to adopt One Tree Per Child as one of our activities to add capacity and ensure that every child can plant at least one tree during their time in school. The program engages school children creatively in tree planting and care efforts, one tree and one child at a time.

promotion of Nature based Enterprises (NBE)

Nature based Enterprises are ventures that can be exploited to support biodiversity utilization, conservation and equitable benefit sharing from derived resources. We explore the potential of nature based enterprises in enhancing community livelihoods in Kenya.